Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Its about Tulip Time

I have been a Grand Rapidian since December 1998. In all those years I have never made it to the Tulip Festival in Holland. 
The festival takes place in Holland, Michigan 
which is about 25-30 minutes away from my house.
West Michigan is Dutch country, with several last names that are Van-something and something- inga.  
My great-grandmother was Dutch, so this is even part of my own heritage. 
There are several reasons for our lack of attendance to Tulip Time. We were not in the country during the festival for a little while.  Weather.. Some years the forecast was 40 and rainy, since a majority of events take place outdoors this wasn't appealing to me. Last year I heard it was called stem fest. The unseasonably warm winter messed up the bloom time of the tulips.  These are a few excuses.  This year I was determined to go for at least one day.
Not sure why, They are too loud, scuff the floor?
I wonder if you see this kind of sign in the Netherlands.
The flowers were impressive, we only made it to one of the patches of flowers that was in walking distance.
 Next year I would like to drive over to the large farm that has acres of blooming tulips. 

Only one of our kids was interested in being photographed.
Our first visit to this historic festival and I have no family photo to commemorate it.
Maybe next year, we will find some dutch hats and visit the parade, watch a traditional dutch dance and have happy children who will be glad to get their photo taken. Some of my hopes for Tulip Time 2014. And next year it will only be about a 10 minute drive from our new house, making it possible for us to visit more than one day.
Have I mentioned we are glad the weather has warmed up?  Rolling down the green grass, an indication of winter's end here in Michigan.

time for tulips from outypants on Vimeo.

Monday, May 20, 2013

American Heritage Girl and Kids Fine Arts or what Jane has been doing

Jane is part of an organization called American Heritage Girls. How we describe it, it is like Girl Scouts but it is Christian based.  

These pictures are from a mother daughter tea we had.  
All events coincide with badges the girls can earn. 

Our tea cups were our Hong Kong market cups, Kate's cup is a third generation antique cup set, I thought her mother was brave allowing her to use it.

The girls reciting some facts on tea etiquette. 

The church we belong to host a fine arts exhibit every year. All Assembly of God churches are invited to participate. This year it was held in Battle Creek, MI. The home of Kellogg cereal.
  A person can sing,dance, play an instrument, drama, human video, preach, and submit artwork. When the kids reach youth group they have a national level, but kids fine arts is only a state level. This year's theme was Finishing the Race. 
Jane made a dance up to Toby Mac's "lose myself." 
Toby Mac and Britt Nicole are two very popular Christian artist, their songs were featured several times during KFAF.
Jane also was part of a Human Video Group. They acted out the story of Samson. The point of Fine Arts is for kids to use their talents for God. So everything has to be Christ centered and be a way to minister to others.

Jane in the Choir. I didn't get a picture of her dance group because I only took video.  She was in four groups this year! 

Having fun after all their events are done. 

Spring arrived on this day, this was the first warm day we had so we took as much opportunity to be outside. Nathan keeping Elliot and the Krohn boys busy. 

Abigail Krohn performed a drama solo she received the highest points in that category.
Jane made a lego sign and a lego image of herself in her Fine Arts clothes.

kfaf from outypants on Vimeo.