Saturday, October 20, 2012

Jane turns Nine

Being back in the States allowed Jane to have not only a party with friends, but a party with family. 

Jane missing Hong Kong wanted a Mid-Autumn Festival themed party.
We did our best and added some Asian touches.
 Would You Eat this?
Seaweed, red bean jelly and the Koala cookies filled with strawberry creme, that we often got at 7-11 in HK.
Everyone spit out the red bean. Elliot finished off the rest of uneaten seaweed. 

Hang baos I had brought back from HK we made into tiny lanterns.

Jane taught some Chinese, when the girls decided to play school. 
The food
I did offer some sandwiches(not pictured)
 Ice cream Sundaes were for dessert instead of cake. 

Jane wanted to play pass the parcel. Although not Chinese, a game she learned from friends in Hong Kong.

She made up a scavenger hunt game.
Dress up! 
Family Party
My friend made these delicious "Tangled theme" lemon cupcakes.

My parents  and sister.
Nathan's parents were up from Tennessee.
It was a rare treat to have everyone there.

Benjamin is very interested in cousin Jane's gifts

Aunt Chas

Jane with "Caroline" her American Girl Doll
a gift from her grandparents. 

Sunday, October 14, 2012


Four years ago something new came to Grand Rapids, Artprize. This unique contest was founded by one of the Amway heirs, Rick Devos.  
Artwork is displayed/ performed in selected places in the city and the general public can register and vote on what they like.
  The top award is over $200,000.  This hefty sum brings artist from all over the world to West Michigan, in the hopes of winning. 

This was the first year we were able to be a part of it.  There was so much to see we didn't get a firsthand look at all the work. 
 I could vote for the ones I like by texting a specific number assigned to their work. 
All the art could be viewed and voted online too.

This was made with bottle caps

Jelly Belly Art

I like how he used technology to mix with the painted Mini Cooper.

The colors of the wings changed color when viewed through the small wheels.

This was a top 10 finalist. Made out of a single piece of black walnut. Took five years of work to complete. 

I always thought these would be fun if they were life size.

Made out of pine needles- 8ft tall

A view of the Grand River downtown Grand Rapids

 Over 1500 artist submitted work and over 40,000 people voted. 

To see the winners and view more submissions click here

artprize2012 from outypants on Vimeo.

Friday, October 12, 2012

Playing in the leaves

Aaron loved throwing the leaves at everyone.
He kept signing more whenever I walked away from him.
Once we went back inside the hotel room,
 he must have found some leaves on his clothes because
 I turned around to find a small amount thrown in my face.

Jane and Ben making sure to get back at Uncle Aaron.

Trying to get an active almost three-year old to pose for a picture can be challenging. 

leaf fight! from outypants on Vimeo.