Saturday, October 20, 2012

Jane turns Nine

Being back in the States allowed Jane to have not only a party with friends, but a party with family. 

Jane missing Hong Kong wanted a Mid-Autumn Festival themed party.
We did our best and added some Asian touches.
 Would You Eat this?
Seaweed, red bean jelly and the Koala cookies filled with strawberry creme, that we often got at 7-11 in HK.
Everyone spit out the red bean. Elliot finished off the rest of uneaten seaweed. 

Hang baos I had brought back from HK we made into tiny lanterns.

Jane taught some Chinese, when the girls decided to play school. 
The food
I did offer some sandwiches(not pictured)
 Ice cream Sundaes were for dessert instead of cake. 

Jane wanted to play pass the parcel. Although not Chinese, a game she learned from friends in Hong Kong.

She made up a scavenger hunt game.
Dress up! 
Family Party
My friend made these delicious "Tangled theme" lemon cupcakes.

My parents  and sister.
Nathan's parents were up from Tennessee.
It was a rare treat to have everyone there.

Benjamin is very interested in cousin Jane's gifts

Aunt Chas

Jane with "Caroline" her American Girl Doll
a gift from her grandparents. 


Hanna said...

What a great idea to have Mid Autumn - themed party for the girl born in autumn:)

Reneelharvey said...

Happy birthday, dear Jane!

Elaine said...

Happy Birthday to Jane!! Its so nice to see that she has not forgotten HK. Love the fact that she wanted a mid-Autumn festival theme and love all your little touches - the red bean, the seaweed and the hong bao lanterns. Most of all the fact that she organised a Chinese class amidst it all - lovely handwriting! Keep in touch X