Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Extra- Curriculars- why I don't blog more.

The kids and grandparents. Spring piano recital. 
Elliot's first year playing.  He wants to play drums. I am not opposed to drum playing, but the kids have to take piano until the 8th grade.  They are welcome to do two instruments at a time. 

Jane had to organize an event to help her earn  The
"Lewis and Clark" award with American Heritage Girls.  Cupcakes decorating was part of the festivities.  Her and Hannah were the only Explorers earning it this year. 
6th grade class chickens. Look who brought them home for the weekend?
 Ostrich, Chick Fil- A and Hero.

101 Dalmatians.  Jane was Nanny. Elliot was part of the choir. 

First Parade of the year. Our friends help run the local public access TV cameras. The kids lining up ready to get candy. 
First beach day of the year. 
Every winter I want to move away from Michigan. Every summer I am reminded why it isn't all that bad. 

Elliot's 4th grade class went to Henry Ford Museum.