Thursday, September 18, 2014

Vacation 2014 first stop: Missouri

We are taking two weeks to travel out west.   Our first stop is St. Louis, MO and the City Museum.
We only had a Sunday afternoon this time around, but because we knew our way around it didn't take us long to figure out what to do. 

On our way to Oklahoma we stopped off at the George Washington Carver National Monument.
Diamond, MO has a population of 902.
I was a little doubtful that this National Park would be that good. On the contrary, it was excellent and I wish we had come a little earlier because we ran out of time.  Dr. Carver was an extraordinary American. I feel his life and accomplishments are inspirational.  If we are going to have national parks dedicated to people in this country, then he deserves one.

Jane had earned two Junior Ranger Badges by the time we left Missouri.

There are currently over 200 Junior Ranger Programs in the National Park Service. In each of these parks, kids interview Rangers, complete games, and answer questions about the park and the National Park Service. At the end of their experience in the park, they are sworn in as Junior Rangers and receive a special certificate and official Junior Ranger badge.