Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Museum and Skating

This was taken this past summer when I met up with Kim (far left)   Mandy and their kids for a fun time of skating.

We spent a couple of days with Kim and the girls during their Christmas break from school. One place we visited again was Tarry Hall skating rink.

A fun part of skating, taking a break in the snack bar.  Emma and Elyse are in between Jane and Elliot in age and grade. 

Snowflake making

The Joslins have a pass to the museum like us, we met up with them to take advantage of their Holiday activities.
The kids had a pattern over a tin plate and made dots to create an image.

 Elliot and I had a ring toss contest, I could only get one on.

I love walking through the part of the museum that features the old shops of Grand Rapids. This printer was demonstrating how the press works. He made beautiful cards that were free to take.
  One said Happy New Year and the other was a book mark that featured the Tigers baseball name and their 2012 season stats, which took them to the World Series.
Members now get free carousel rides, so we rode it more than once.
 Michigan made root beer -free samples. Elliot really wanted to take home a bottle, but at $5 each he decided not to spend his money on it.
We love skating and visiting the museum but it is always more fun with friends.

tasteslikepaint from outypants on Vimeo.

Friday, January 11, 2013

Highlights of the Season

The kids have been anticipating the snow since Thanksgiving.  It finally arrived, the day after Christmas.  I am sure I will do more post about our fun in the snow soon.  

 These pictures highlight some of our activities over this busy holiday season.  
Ice skating at Rosa Parks Circle
Jane liked the fact her new ear muffs and gloves matched the ice skates they gave us.

Elliot tried to skate as fast as he could, even though he fell more than once, he kept going.
Gingerbread house decorating with the Mccarthys.  I forgot to take photos of the final products. 
Singing Christmas Carols at the nursing home. Jane was able to accompany us on the piano. 

Our tradition of Christmas cookie decorating. I found this photo from 2007, probably the first time I had the kids decorate.
Fellow Home-schoolers Esther and Daniel joined us for cookie decorating.
The rhinoceros cookie cutter I purchased from CitySuper.
  I love that you can stand it up using the cutters that make the legs.  It of course reminded me of the wonderful tradition we had of cookie decorating at Ping's house. 

Ping and Joanna our first Christmas in Hong Kong 2009

Christmas Eve with all of the family here in Grand Rapids. The kids loved getting their Jones Soda, found in their handmade stockings from cousin Ben.
Santa Vadar
One of my favorite games as a kid "Hungry Hippo"
As an adult I found it to be a really loud game. 

Yes I am old.
It was a Lego Christmas this year. Jane received two Friend sets from family. Elliot received Ninjago and a City set.
This table did have games and puzzles in its drawers, it has officially become the Lego table.
Elliot has been asking me for a robe and slippers since October, he was very happy with this gift, that came from his aunt.
Christmas day we drove up to Coleman.  One of our games was singing the 12 days of Christmas, but with the Christian meaning.  We were separated into groups of our birthday month. 
I remember Elliot's group was faith hope and love- instead of three french hens.  I had eleven faithful disciples.
Trevor and Elliot.
Jane and Grandma Roman the September Birthdays
 The weather in Hong Kong was lovely during Christmas, and we had the freedom to celebrate Christmas and worship Jesus' birth.  Yet it was during Christmas that I would miss being home more than any other time.  This year I enjoyed the overdose of Christmas music, the decorated homes covered in lights and most of all the constant reminders of the true meaning of Christmas that could be found in our community.  The Christmas lawn decorations with the nativity, local businesses putting on their signs Jesus the reason for the season. The many churches providing toys and meals to the needy.  

Jane and Abigail Krohn
dancing at midnight bringing in the
New Year.
The year 2012 held many bitter-sweet moments for our family, we are looking forward to 2013 and the new adventures that await us.

Monday, January 7, 2013

The incident

On Wednesday nights at our church the kids have two classes. The first hour they are in Junior Bible Quiz. Kids practice answering Bible questions and eventually get the chance to compete against other kids from different churches.
The next class they take is a separate one for boys and girls.
Elliot attends Royal Rangers.
One of our Wednesday nights became eventful when Elliot chipped one of his front teeth, an adult tooth.  What class would you expect him to chip a tooth in, the class full of rambunctious grade school boys playing in the gym or JBQ where they answer questions?  Yes, he chipped it on a table leg after he answered a question.
Jane commented, he got all the answers right that night mom!

Here it is a few days after we visited the dentist, jut like new. 

The Grinch and Gardens

Resurrection Life Church has a production called "How Christmas Saved the Grinch."
We often attend Res-life's Saturday service and that is where the kids were learning some of the songs and were allowed to be part of the choir.
Cindy loo who and her parents.

The man who played the Grinch was impressive in the role, and would easily compare to a performance of a professional actor. 

We took this opportunity to celebrate Christmas with my parents and sister.

They were told to wear bright and colorful costumes with crazy hair.
The Mccarthy kids( Kate and the twins John and Hope) performed the same day as our kids.
We are still finding spots of green on Elliot's scalp.   

The Meijer Garden's Christmas around the world
Elliot's favorite Mexico

Jane cheering for China, which of course doesn't really have a tree.

Jane's favorite Ukraine

One of the activities was to find the tree or celebration featured on a postcard.

The train garden has recreated landmarks from all over Grand Rapids. This is Fifth Third ballpark where the Whitecaps play baseball. All the buildings are made from natural materials and the train makes its way on a track throughout the place.

The Philippine display was my favorite.

It was quite cold outside, so we stepped out for a few minutes to see the lights on display and hurried back in.

A reminder of our friends the Harveys with an Australian tree. 

The crafts featured were making a nature house.
Elliot made a pirate face