Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Museum and Skating

This was taken this past summer when I met up with Kim (far left)   Mandy and their kids for a fun time of skating.

We spent a couple of days with Kim and the girls during their Christmas break from school. One place we visited again was Tarry Hall skating rink.

A fun part of skating, taking a break in the snack bar.  Emma and Elyse are in between Jane and Elliot in age and grade. 

Snowflake making

The Joslins have a pass to the museum like us, we met up with them to take advantage of their Holiday activities.
The kids had a pattern over a tin plate and made dots to create an image.

 Elliot and I had a ring toss contest, I could only get one on.

I love walking through the part of the museum that features the old shops of Grand Rapids. This printer was demonstrating how the press works. He made beautiful cards that were free to take.
  One said Happy New Year and the other was a book mark that featured the Tigers baseball name and their 2012 season stats, which took them to the World Series.
Members now get free carousel rides, so we rode it more than once.
 Michigan made root beer -free samples. Elliot really wanted to take home a bottle, but at $5 each he decided not to spend his money on it.
We love skating and visiting the museum but it is always more fun with friends.

tasteslikepaint from outypants on Vimeo.

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