Monday, January 7, 2013

The Grinch and Gardens

Resurrection Life Church has a production called "How Christmas Saved the Grinch."
We often attend Res-life's Saturday service and that is where the kids were learning some of the songs and were allowed to be part of the choir.
Cindy loo who and her parents.

The man who played the Grinch was impressive in the role, and would easily compare to a performance of a professional actor. 

We took this opportunity to celebrate Christmas with my parents and sister.

They were told to wear bright and colorful costumes with crazy hair.
The Mccarthy kids( Kate and the twins John and Hope) performed the same day as our kids.
We are still finding spots of green on Elliot's scalp.   

The Meijer Garden's Christmas around the world
Elliot's favorite Mexico

Jane cheering for China, which of course doesn't really have a tree.

Jane's favorite Ukraine

One of the activities was to find the tree or celebration featured on a postcard.

The train garden has recreated landmarks from all over Grand Rapids. This is Fifth Third ballpark where the Whitecaps play baseball. All the buildings are made from natural materials and the train makes its way on a track throughout the place.

The Philippine display was my favorite.

It was quite cold outside, so we stepped out for a few minutes to see the lights on display and hurried back in.

A reminder of our friends the Harveys with an Australian tree. 

The crafts featured were making a nature house.
Elliot made a pirate face

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