Thursday, January 3, 2013

Scout Holiday parties.

We signed the kids up for scout programs back in September.
 Elliot is part of a boy scout troop. Jane is part of a program called American Heritage Girls.  AHG is a lot like girl scouts, but it is Christian.  We meet at a church on Monday nights and the kids programs run at the same time. Elliot's troop leaders and programs are Christian based too. 

Jane's troop sang Christmas carols at a local nursing home.

The party and awards ceremony.  Jane earned her joining badge and is working on a government badge.
Elliot had a big night. Earning his bobcat badge. This means he is an official boy scout.  

The girl in the middle was moving away, this was her last night at AHG.

The troop does a good job of coming up with activities and ways to keep the boys busy. With winter upon us they have to get creative and come up with indoor stuff for them.

We are finding the scout program a positive experience for the kids and hopefully they will continue to be motivated to build character in their lives and earn badges as they achieve specific goals. 

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