Thursday, December 27, 2012


Before we left Hong Kong we got rid of our artificial tree, we had it for about nine years and it was falling apart.  In Hong Kong we bought a cheap smaller tree that we got rid of when we came back to the States.
  We thought we would go ahead and purchase another artificial tree this year.  That is until sticker shock.  $100-$300 for trees with branches that were covered in really fake plastic green covering! 

A local tree farm was offering to give part of their money to the church with each purchase. We decided to get our first real tree in 11 years.
They give you a short tractor ride to a place where you can pick one out.

Jane never met a tree she didn't like, she was ready to take home all of them.

On the search with saw in hand.  The option was to cut it yourself or have them use a chainsaw. Next time we will let them cut it.

Finally a decision was made. 

Dad doing the hard work.

Jane named the tree Rudolph.

On the tractor heading back to get it ready.

cutting off some extra branches on the bottom

Cleaning it up and binding it for us so it is easy to take home.

I am enjoying the real tree. The smell alone is worth getting it.
 I can understand why we sing a song that talks about lovely branches 

Some of our favorite ornaments are the 7-11 ones from Hong Kong.  Mcdonalds' fry and apple pie.  The little Shao mai kid.

one tree / two ice skates from outypants on Vimeo.

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