Monday, November 5, 2012

Clifford and Pauline

Clifford and Pauline Roman celebrated 65 years of marriage in September 2012. 
Delilah, Jim ,Tim and my mother-in-law Lavona (her family calls her by her middle name, Jane)
not pictured Marti- who is in Benin Africa as a missionary and Keith, a son who died in a car accident several years ago.

Keith's family lives in Minnesota so we don't see them very often. It was nice to connect and we hope to get to Minnesota for a visit.
Here is Jen picking out a marble for a keepsake.
Aunt Helena is grandma's sister.
She is one of the few people who kept sending us Christmas cards while we were in Hong Kong.

The next generation. 

After the party we headed over to Tim and Jan's pond.
There are two Taylors in the family.  The one on the left is Taylor Joy. She was given the nick-name TJ for the night to make it less confusing.


Nathan let one of the kids take the camera around to snap photos, This was Moriah's pose.

Lake Jan Marie (named by Uncle Tim)
Michigan in Autumn, beautiful.

65th party from outypants on Vimeo.

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