Monday, November 5, 2012

Fall at the FMG

One of the great things about our membership to the Meijer Gardens is being able to visit during all four seasons.  Autumn of course offers the most beauty. One of the highlights for the kids has been the giant pumpkins they have on display every year.

Jane was four and Elliot was two
The idea of climbing on one was fun, but Jane got a little scared.

The giant pumpkins didn't seem so big compared to the kids anymore.  They didn't have one to climb on this year which was a bit disappointing. .

Something new for us was the mini pumpkin patch with hay bales. Kids are free to run and play here.

Dad pretending he is going to sit on a cactus.
 When the kids were little Nathan used to trick them into believing he was tired and wanted to sit down.  They would yell "no dad no!" Eventually it became a game where the kids would keep dad from sitting on a cactus.

Jane using the Da Vinci horse to show me where the "frog" is located on a horses hoof. Something she learned from her horse riding lessons.

Some of the crafts offered on this day were painting, drawing, apple stamping and wreath making.

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