Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Memorial Day

This is my Memorial day post. Yes Memorial Day is in May and I realize it is July.  I am hoping soon to be up to date and writing about current activities.  

We went up to Coleman and hung out with the Roman side of the family for the weekend.

The girls opened a spa.
I got a really good back massage and a pedicure. 

Michelle enjoying the magic hands of Emma's spa
The prices were reasonable, but yes they did charge.

The girls convinced Elliot to get his hair done and wear glow-in-the dark nail polish. Unfortunately I think his hair was a bit too long for the mohawk he wanted.

Carissa and Benjamin came up for a little bit. 

 The Coleman Memorial Day Parade

 Coleman population- about 1300 people.

  Emma and Moriah's baseball team float

During a ceremony unveiling a new war memorial, Elliot had to use the restroom.  The closest one was the Coleman fire station. Aunt Jan helped us out and asked if he could use theirs.
He thought that was awesome. I think he tried to brag about it later in the day to his sister. Jane is not one for humoring her little brother and made it clear she was not impressed.

Memorial Day is close to Moriah's birthday. She is four months older than Jane. There was a celebration at Uncle Tim's pond.
Landon coming out after a quick dip.

Emma and Moriah have asked this year instead of presents, for everyone to help them fill 
100 shoe boxes. 
The shoe boxes are filled with things like toothpaste, soap, small toys etc. Then they are sent out as gifts to kids all over the world.  God is blessing the generous nature of these two girls and they are quickly seeing those boxes filled. 

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