Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Independence Day

This Michigan summer has been the hottest on record in over 70 years.  Temperatures running in the 90's and low100's. We visited the Grandville celebration for the Fourth of July this year. We tried to stay in the shade as much as possible.

The kids waited in a long line to get these balloons.The skill of The husband and wife team to make balloon animals and paint faces, was of the highest quality.
Jane had a bouqet of flowers attached to this head piece. They were sprayed to smell like real flowers.
 Elliot's horse had a rein made by attaching a balloon not inflated. Jane said the list of balloons that the clown could make was really really long.

This is a walking taco. Fritos covered with taco toppings.
I thought this was so good, we made these at home the following night.

The kids put paint on a piece of paper that was spinning fast.  The artwork was secured with a paper frame, allowing each kid to take home their masterpiece.

Elliot practicing on his skateboard. His very patriotic outfit of red white and blue. Although it is the Norwegian flag from the kids school in Hong Kong, NIS  and not the US flag.

We attended a Whitecaps baseball game for the 4th, with Shanda.  It was a packed crowd and they did fireworks afterwards. 

The Zooperstars featured different mascots from baseball. This squid costume  was cleverly designed to be able to "swallow" another person. A baseball player was swallowed and bits of his uniform were spit back out. He eventually reappeared with only his boxer underwear on.

The kids love the bounce house and playground

This was Barack O Lama. Not to be confused with the other famous Barack. 
The kids were a bit spoiled this night, getting treats like cotton candy, popcorn. Their Aunt bought them Whitecap t-shirts as well.
On the drive home we could see the various firework displays, lighting up the sky in all directions.


Elaine and Quentin: said...

Totally love that video and the beach scenes and the scenes from the Game - you are getting good at making these vids!!!

Hanna said...

So it is Michigan, where all the sun and heat has gone this summer! I can't remember, when the weather would have been this cold as it has been during this summer here in Finland. Can't wait to get back to HK to get a feeling of a real summer :)