Thursday, December 13, 2012

LIncoln's birthplace

drivetotn from outypants on Vimeo.

Our next stop on our way to Tennessee was Lincoln's Birthplace.  The birthplace is part of the National Park service in Hodgenville, KY.

A recreated cabin.

The source of water for his family when he was a boy.
 Elliot was asked what he learned by watching the movie on the life of the 16th President.
 Abraham Lincoln's grandfather was named Abraham Lincoln.  

What did I learn? He had a sister named Sarah.
The Lincolns were well respected and were closer to middle class in their income during this time. 

Jane found this hat to spend her money on, I love it on her.

The kids were given a sheet of questions when they could answer them correctly they were given trading cards as a prize. 

54 steps how old he was when he was killed

With malice toward none with charity for all.

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