Sunday, December 23, 2012

Sweeneys VS Food nation and visiting friends

In planning our trip to Tennessee 
we looked up any special restaurants that might be on our way there or on the way home.  
Tom & Chee   located in Louisville KY was one of the places we chose.  The name refers to grilled cheese and tomato soup.  The restaurant specializes in a variety of grilled cheese sandwiches.  They also serve grilled cheese doughnuts.

The restaurant was featured on the travel channel show
Man Vs. Food. 

Nathan had the three little pigs, which had bacon, ham, and pork rinds. We both agreed that the Armogetta was the better of the two. Getta a key ingredient is a sausage made with ground meat and oats. 

Cheese and doughnuts sound like a weird combination, but the four of us quickly devoured this
caramelized banana with Gouda. 

The Lamberts we visited is located in Sikeston, MO.
The food served is generous portions of southern homestyle cooking.  The main attraction is the free rolls the staff brings out and will throw to you from across the room. 

Primary decoration is license plates from all over the US.
We spent a good amount of our time trying to figure out what the vanity plates said.  The most creative one Jane and I deciphered was Jehovah Jireh ( Hebrew for God provides)

It was too much food.
The free items they bring you not only include the all you can eat rolls, but also all you can eat fried okra,  and blackeyed peas.  When the kids food arrived they were too full to eat it.
We decided if we eat at Lamberts again it will be when the kids are teenagers.

St. Louis was our final destination before heading back to Michigan.  We were able to stop by the home of the Wright family.  We know the Wrights from HK. They lived in Tai Po and their kids attended the Norwegian International School too.

They had just moved back to the States from Hong Kong three weeks earlier to our visit. 

Layna seemed to be adjusting back to America life quite well.
We had a lot to catch up on and not enough time. We look forward to the chance to see the Wrights again.

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