Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Soccer Season

Elliot was in a new division this year. They keep score and have tournaments. I really like the AYSO program, the motto everyone plays creates a good environment for kids. We usually start the season out with some snow and rainy cold Saturdays. The boys won a lot of games in the fall. Their spring season had a lot of ties and some losses. The weather for the last games was very dry and hot. 

Brother is almost half the size of some of the kids in his division but he gets right in there.
Nathan has observed it sometimes takes two kids to fight off Elliot. 

Last game for the championship White Tigers. They were down two of their best and they had no substitutes. They were able to get some goals and ended up being runner-ups.
We also found out that the mom of one of Elliot's teammate was a childhood friend of Carissa, when they lived in Kentucky.

Celebratory ice cream at the Dairy Dip.  The grandparents and Aunt Shanda were able to watch his playoff games. 

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