Thursday, June 5, 2014

Spring Baseball Fever

We traveled to Iowa with Nathan for work and stopped at a baseball game along the way.
The Quad Cities River Bandits.

The boys both got Minecraft T-shirts for their birthdays.

This day gave us our first relief from a long cold winter.
The sunshine was welcomed and a little unexpected, I hadn't begun to pack sunscreen yet and so we all got a little sunburn. 

This was our second game of the season. We joined the Romans in Midland to watch The Great Lake Loons play.
Elliot thought it would be funny to wear all of his minor league baseball gear.  He is wearing his Whitecap shirts our team here in Grand Rapids, a River Bandit claw something he purchased at the Iowa game, and a Loons hat. 

The Loons mascots were very interactive and a lot of fun to be around. Jane got a card signed by both of them.

The girls tried very hard to get Louie the Loon to help them start a wave. The crowd was sparse and it wasn't easy, but he rallied everyone and got them to do it. 
The girls got their face on the big screen twice. 

A fun night and a win for the Loons. 

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Anonymous said...

Oh wow, Jane has gotten so much older, too! Not only compared to the adorable new photo on top of this page (SO cute!), but also to the times, when you lived here and were a part of our everyday life! Many greetings from Kaisla, Pyry and Lumia to both Jane and Elliot!!!
Rgds, Hanna