Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Wordy Wednesday

We watched a season of Junior Master Chef with the kids. It inspired them to do a little cooking.  I was nervous letting Elliot use a sharp knife, not that mine are really sharp. I am hoping to get a new set soon. Back to the point, after watching a nine year old make three course meals with various potentially dangerous cooking equipment. I decided my kids probably can use a knife. 

He is helping me make chicken noodle soup. 

When I look at this picture I really think he is smiling not so much because he is cooking but because he is getting to use a knife. Elliot loves knives. Once he figured out a machete was a knife and not a gun he knew he had to have one. He believes it is a reality since dad told him the story of having one as a kid. We will see how long we can hold him off.
 All the time he is coming to me and asking how to sharpen his pocket knife.
He told me this morning if he had a shirt with a pocket in the front he could disguise his pocket knife as a pen, then if a robber came into the house and said " hey nice pen" he could whip it out and cut the robbers gun in half.  I am glad he is armed and ready to defend if need be.

Boys should be encouraged to be brave and protect. Our culture is quick to denounce the nature of men, starting from a young age.  Whenever we have the chance we need to validate their masculinity and their desires to be strong and fight.  Not to perpetuate foolishness, or violence, but to direct them to be men who seek God, honor women, value life and pursue integrity. 


Anonymous said...

So good to see new updates here - been waiting for them already!!! Elliot is so cute in that photo. He has really grown so much bigger&older since you moved from here. Was it really two whole years ago?!
Rgds, Hanna from Hong Kong

Sweeney Family said...

Thanks Hanna. Time flies doesn't it.
yes I have been slacking in my blogging lately. Feeling a little busy with school stuff and activities and unmotivated. I think I have my motivation back and hopefully will keep it updated more.