Friday, October 10, 2014

Coronado Historic Site

This is a Kiva.  An underground room used by pueblo Indians for sacred rituals. This site has some of the original etchings found inside on the walls of a Kiva. A Pueblo Indian in the 1930's was paid to recreate the scenes inside the Kiva and was subsequently kicked out of the tribe. There are some things that are sacred and secret to American Indians. They are not intended to be seen by outsiders. Even today they have dances and dress that are only done in the presence of tribe members.
We don't have these signs in Michigan. If you see a rattlesnake, you are to back away slowly and not run. Not sure I would follow that rule.  We had two movie references on this visit, one was from the MST3K "Eegah" where a voice not belonging to anyone on the screen says  "watch out for snakes" We repeated that line often during our visit in New Mexico. 

The adobe structure. It was close to 89 degrees that day and it was probably a cool 72 inside the house. The second movie reference was from Peewees Big Adventure  the kids were quick to repeat me when I said ' can you say Adoobee'
We liked this oath because he added and I promise to always keep my room clean. Jane didn't repeat that. 

I don't think they know how to use that thing. 

Elliot was listening to an Odyssey episode, during this scenic stop. He didn't realize we were walking away, this is him running to catch up to us. 


Anonymous said...

Wow! So many lovely new posts here since my last visit. Love to see them all. By the way, KIVA is Finnish and means NICE.
Rgds, Hanna

Sweeney Family said...

Interesting that Kiva is also a Finnish word.. Thanks for the language lesson..