Saturday, October 18, 2014

Focus on the Family and Adventures in Odyssey

One of the reasons we were heading out west was to visit 
Focus on the Family.
In 1986, Dr. James Dobson and a guest onFocus on the Family wondered why more Christians didn’t create high-quality entertainment. With Focus on the Family’s strengths in radio, the ministry launched an audio drama with Hollywood actors performing scripts that entertained while teaching Biblical and moral lessons. Adventures in Odyssey was born!

Elliot as "Eugene"

The highlight was recording our own AIO episode. They have a a pre-recorded session that you can add your voices in. The kids did voices the parents did sound effects. 
AIO centers around John Whittaker who owns an ice cream shop called Whitsend.  One of the menu items that kids ask for is a World Famous Chocolate Soda. Which in one episode is referred to as Wodfamchocsod.
These are some of the actors who work on Odyssey or who did in the past.  The actors are the voices behind many famous movies and cartoons. 

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