Friday, October 10, 2014

Goodbye New Mexico hello Colorado

Our room was inside the Casina wii. Elliot was disappointed that there wasn't any Nintendo.
Fort Union was set up shortly after New Mexico became a US territory. It was part of the Santa Fe trail which was a major highway for carrying goods before the railroad was built.
 It was the only southwest (state) territory to be used during the Civil War. It stopped goods going to the confederates. 

We left New Mexico and began the 6 hour drive to Colorado Springs. I am sure I slept for at least 20 minutes during that drive.  Nathan and I remembered visiting Manitou Springs when we visited. We enjoyed the arcade and the natural mineral springs located around the village. 

A huge assortment of old and new arcade games. I was able to get a free game of Pole Position II. I thought at first the game ate my quarter but when I pushed the return slot it spit it back out and let me play the game. 

Jane had added to her flat penny collection on this trip. Here she is choosing one that has the Lord's Prayer on it. 

I remember Cherry Coke looking like this. 

Elliot played a game dad played when he was the same age. 

The kids tasting the water. It is bubbly and every spring has a different flavor. The kids didn't like any.

Some of the newer arcade games had tickets attached to them. Jane noticed that all the things you could win looked old and dirty. She gave her tickets to Elliot. 


Elaine said...

2 whole weeks out to see everything and in such good weather too and driving on the open road. Nathan must have been really tired although I am glad that you caught up on some sleep. Wonderful photos and memories and I feel I've seen it through your eyes now : ) - the US is pretty diverse and there is so much out there to explore. Did you feel safe driving just one family on the open road? Are you back safely?

Sweeney Family said...

You can spend a lifetime and not see everything in the US. I will be posting more pictures from our trip. Colorado is really beautiful too. We felt safe everywhere we travelled. We are recovering from our trip and getting the kids back on track with regular home school. Homeschooling on the road was fun, but challenging.