Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Elliot X


It was  "Good" Friday 2005 and Elliot Daniel came into the world a week earlier than expected. 
 We didn't find out what we were having with either kid. Some surprises are really great.  My first impression upon holding my new born son was that he looked like his dad, which is funny because one of my first impressions of Jane was that she looked like me.  They are in fact mini versions of their parents. 

Can you take too many photos of a sleeping baby? I don't think so. We switched to a digital camera when Elliot was a baby and lost hundreds of photos from his first few months. We learned our lesson quick and now back up our photos. 
I am not sure he is even playing in this picture we might have given him a controller while Uncle Aaron played for real.
This is him enjoying life. 

He lived three of his years overseas. During that time he used chopsticks and developed a liking to dried seaweed. 

Homemade lanterns for Mid-Autumn Festival. 
I love everything about this picture. 

His comedic timing rivals the greats our time. 

A boy and his father

The life of a catalog model

not sure if his first love is video games or popcorn. 

How did he get a chipped tooth?
Skateboard, soccer, wrestling..
No he was answering a question for Junior Bible Quiz at church and chipped it on a chair. 

A boy and his mother. 
Elliot on a boat, this is how he feels about that. 
I love everything about this photo too.

He has my heart forever.  Happy Birthday Dan!

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