Friday, January 1, 2016

Summer Fun

One of the main reasons I blog is to keep a record of our lives.  I have hopes of returning to scrapbooking, but I'm not sure I will get back to it like I once did.  I do want the stories put down to memory that go with the pictures. Stories that reflect our emotions and thoughts at the time, or sometimes just to give an explanation of what happened. Even with the best memory I will not be able to give an account of all the details.  The idea is for me to take what I do here and eventually create a hard copy of it somewhere. Time is passing me faster than my record keeping after 3 and half years I'm still working on the Hong Kong scrapbook.  It is about making it a priority, we have time in our life for anything if we make it.   My first resolution for the New Year is to catch up.
Car Show downtown Zeeland. 
The waves at the beach this day were so rough it popped Elliot's tube.

Found this game at Out of the box. Not sure it's worth $30 but might have to get it a go some day. 

Zeelmania craft time.  Downtown Zeeland.
I grew this tomato in a container on the porch. I didn't kill it! I also grew a pepper. One step closer to gardening. 

 She compared this soup to miso it is a Korean dish. 
Chinese lessons with Jane's tutor Nini are always fun when they include a cooking lesson.  The Yuan Xiao she said is something made at special times, similar to family reunions or celebrations. 

The Knickerbocker Theater in Holland. This was a free family movie night. 

Our church had a skate night. Sophia and Ava Hyatt with Jane before the Hokey Pokey. 

Visiting Dutch Village with the Staals. Elliot rode a carousel and a Ferris wheel. 

The Staals invited us to their cottage on Lake Michigan over the 4th of July. 
Big Ticket Festival 2015. Terrie and I brought the kids. Toby Mac was a  good show, all of us were dancing and singing. 
(lower right) is the new favorite with the kids. 

Sweeney Brother Reunion.  Graham, Glen, Garrett and Grant.  A bitter-sweet reunion this year since it is the first once since Uncle Greg's sudden passing. 

Another reunion. It has been decades that all of my siblings have been in one place at the same time. Jennifer the oldest is on the right of dad Dewey Sr ( mom is hiding in the back) . Chas, and Dewey Jr.
I had this on facebook and I think my favorite comment was, "Sarah all those people look like you."  I always felt that I resembled my brother the most. 

The coolest dude 

Lake Michigan fun! 

Elliot and Aaron showing their concert style.  Kindred spirits with their long-sleeves and pants during the heat of summer. 


Anonymous said...

Lovely sneak peaks to your everyday life! Will we also see a post about your latest trip - was it Mexico (or have I just been dreaming of being there myself?)

Your comments about scrap booking just reminded me that I also have quite a lot of catching up to do with my photo albums, too. Quite a work, but I hope it will be worth it some day:)

Rgds, Hanna

Sweeney Family said...

Mexico post hopefully will go up soon. Yes, the kids need to stop growing so I can catch up on my photo albums - ha ha