Tuesday, July 17, 2012


For no particular reason I wanted to feature Elliot.  
The Bible calls children a blessing.  I try not to take my time with my kids for granted.  Even when they get my temper going and disappoint, I will still be their mom. A calling I try not to take lightly. I am reminded that behind all I do, love should be at the heart of it.  It can be a hug, a word, time shared and yes it can even be a time-out.
A friend of mine recently loss a baby nephew.  It was her sister's ( a mother of 5) only son.
If you are a parent, may you take the time today, if physically able, to hug one of your kids and tell them they are loved.

Elliot's way of roller skating is to go as fast as he can before falling.  This method can help one to learn to skate, but has it's drawbacks as you can see from the elbow. 

Why is this book so big? Because it is part of an album jacket.
Elliot is listening while reading.  My record player is a basic one and requires an individual to get up and flip it over, the kids are still learning this concept. At least they will know what a record is! 

  Elliot's Aunt Shanda  and Carissa had a  birthday party for him. 

 He got a storm trooper and Darth vader helmet, they talk.

Ice cream cake from Cold Stone. Inside the cake there were mini chocolate bars.
Good stuff! 

We like being back in the States, as it is allowing us to spend time with Benjamin. He really likes his big cousins. 

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