Saturday, July 14, 2012

Rosy Mound

One of our first treks outdoors upon our return was to
Rosy Mound.
This is a park located along Lake Michigan in Grand haven.
The natural dunes make it unique.

The water was likely below 50 degrees F
but the kids couldn't resist.

Jane, retreating from the icy cold water.

The wind was formidable, it didn't stop the kids from enjoying jumps off the dunes.
Do you know what these are?
West Michigan is Dutch country. The name of a local town is Holland.
 I can claim a great great grandmother on my dad's side as being Dutch.
These plants are called Dutchman's breeches.
That being said, the plant is apparently only native to North America, which I am guessing means if I ever get to visit the "real" Holland one day ( which I really hope happens) I won't see these growing wild. 

First we gave the camera to Jane. I have a droopy eye, or I smile too big, as a result it usually takes more than one photo of me to get a normal shot.
Nathan thought it would be funny to tickle me, as a result all of those photos that Jane took turned out not to my liking.
This time around Elliot gets the camera, he holds it literally up and starts clicking, We started to laugh at the thought of him getting pictures of the ground, trees, anything but us. The auto focus wasn't on and we are a little blurry.
 He did end up capturing mom and dad but sister is cut out.  Maybe he knew what he was doing.

This family hike was a little reminiscent of 
the family hikes in 
Hong Kong, without the bamboo, altitude and heat.
The possibility of never returning to Hong Kong and seeing friends again, was quite fresh in all our minds on this day.
Upon seeing the pristine dunes and the beauty of the Great Lakes, I felt comforted that I was able to return to a place that had such a treasure.  God used His creation that day to bring joy to the kids and remind me that He is always near. 

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