Thursday, September 20, 2012

Argh, I best be getting me Krispy Kreme.

September 19th was National Talk Like a Pirate Day.

We were listening to a radio program the kids like and were told if we visited a Krispy Kreme wearing a full pirate costume we would get a free dozen doughnuts. If you just showed up and talked like a pirate you would get one free. 

 The flexibility of homeschooling allowed us to wake up and head straight over to KK.
Jane made her own eye patch out of paper, Elliot had a pirate costume ready to go. 
Argh wheres me dozen?

Mom, pirates don't take pictures. 
So stop or you will have to swab the deck.


Because we showed up while they were making them, 
we got the free ones of the assembly line and our dozen.
 Love all the loot!

Watching that glaze be poured on. 

A video of kids in costumes.  

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Hanna said...

What a great way to get some doughnuts:)