Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Critter Barn- Cuteness overload

The Bunnies were the big hit. 
 The kids learned how to pick them up gently from their necks and turn them on their backs. 
I loved holding them as much as the kids. 

The Cat lounge, Ben isn't sure if he is safe from scratches and bites. The cats have a way out when they don't want the attention.  These cats let you brush and pet as much as you wanted.

Elliot was coming up with all these funny names for the animals most of the names ending in the word face.  
The name I liked best was for one of the bigger goats.  As soon as Elliot saw it "Hey brown sleeves" 

This goat really wanted Benjamin to pet him.
Here Benjamin is saying moo!

The farm is located in Zeeland and normally charges a
$5/person fee.
 The day we went they were taking donations. 

Did I mention how cute the bunnies were?

Elliot running with the goat. Charlie Brown.

They also had peacocks, and horses.
The kids can sign up to be helpers in the summer, where they learn about farm life. I think that would be a great opportunity.

I look forward to a return trip. 

Kouw Park > Critter Barn > Holland State Park from outypants on Vimeo.

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