Friday, September 7, 2012

Camping with Friends

In both our busy summer schedules we managed to find an opening for a camping trip with our friends, the Potrafka's.  Nichols Lake is located near Baldwin. Nathan had discovered it on one of his overnight biking/ camp trips.
It has been an unusually warm summer here in Michigan with temperatures in high 90's and even 100's. This has meant for warmer nights.  The forecast had called for  an overnight low in the 50's on the day we headed out. I am preparing myself for the cold temperatures yet to come, so although I was glad the forecast wasn't going to be scorching hot, I was apprehensive about that cold night.

This was our first official overnight camping trip as a family. Our tent and air mattresses were fresh out of the box. We own a Coleman instant tent and it really took Nathan only about two minutes to put it  up.

The Potrafkas live in Traverse City so we don't get to see them very often. Terrie-who is not pictured at her request of it being her second day of "roughing" it.  Went to High School with my brother-n-law Shane. She was explaining how she has been friends with all the Sweeneys at some point. First Shane, then the girls (my two sister-n-laws) and now she sees me and Nathan the most.
When I first met Josh and Terrie at church, they were just engaged to be married.

One of Terrie's funny stories was about her dentist trying to convince of teeth whitening.
He was explaining all the benefits and what a difference it makes. He even said - well if you were my wife. I would want it done.  Her reply- my husband is a plumber.
Then the dentist proceeded to say he likes showing everyone the difference. He had whitened the top teeth and not the bottom.

Their first born is Aaron he is 10. Elliot likes hanging out with older boys, so it was really nice Aaron included him in all his critter and bug finding excursions.
Elaina was born in October 2009 so she is just shy of one month younger than Jane.  They were like peas in a pod.

The girls were so proud of their new found frog. They were telling us how it didn't jump off the bike as they rode around the campground.  Nathan witnessed it falling off and lying flat on its back motionless.  The kids called it Likesee the parents nicknamed it deadsee.
It was eventually released back into the wild, we hope it revived.

Lots of toads were found during the trip, so were salamanders, a  praying mantis and its lunch a dead spider.

The lake was pretty and quiet. It would have been fun to take a kayak or a boat out.

What did I learn from my first camping trip?  Nathan's sleeping bag is really warm, that 50 degree weather didn't even bother me.  The downside was that it was so warm, I didn't want to crawl out of it in the morning.

What to bring was my biggest issue.  According to Nathan I must not have stressed out, because I packed everything.
We had three backpacks, I hardly call that everything.
I did however over pack food. Terrie ended up cooking a great dinner and breakfast so we didn't need as much, but I think next time even if we go by ourselves I will keep it simpler.

Camping might be more fun with other people around. I don't think the kids would have enjoyed themselves as much with just mom and dad.

The experience was pleasant enough for me to honestly say I look forward to doing it again next summer.

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Reneelharvey said...

We'd love to go camping with the Sweeneys next summer! You'll have to borrow some tents and sleeping bags for us, though, as I can't imagine us bringing them on our trek around the world!