Saturday, September 8, 2012

Rasberry Picking

Our successful blueberry -picking trip encouraged us to go out once more and pick some local produce.

This time it was raspberries.

We brought along our berry picking partner, Benjamin.

I  liked when he spotted Nathan across the row of berries he was picking and said:
"Oh there is uncle Nathan" the kid is super cute and how he expresses himself is too adorable.

 There were a lot of bees, but they seemed quite content to just buzz around the plants and leave us alone the entire time. We managed to gather around  six pounds. I also bought some rhubarb in the store at the front of the farm.

This isn't going to win any food photo contest, but it did taste pretty good.  Not only did it include the raspberries but also some of the blueberries from our last trip and the rhubarb I bought at the farm.  

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