Friday, December 7, 2012

A Tennessee Thanksgiving/Christmas

We travel to Tennessee every Thanksgiving to visit Nathan's parents and brother.  We take this opportunity to exchange gifts and celebrate Christmas.
This year was extra special because not only were we able to make it, but all the Sweeney kids.
  Originally this photo was on the steps, but Aaron (the one in the hat between Jane and Elliot) refused to stand up, so we came over to him.
We  participated in the American tradition of breaking the wishbone.
Elliot pulled too soon, so grandpa got some of it on the top. he determined it was a tie. 
Jane told the history of the cornucopia
Elliot -not pictured, but I think he is on video, gave a speech about how Native Americans made tents.
We picked up the British tradition of the Christmas Cracker while we were in Hong Kong.
I rounded up my Marks-n-Spencer clearance kid crackers from last year and found some at World Market for the adults. 

Everyone seemed to think it was fun.
The wonderful food.
My mother-n-law makes the best yam yam sweet potatoes ever! no marshmallows, just a pecan topping that is delicious.

Jane helped grandma bake three pecan pies and two pumpkin. I'm convinced that I alone at a whole pecan pie over the course of a week.
Played some kickball, even grandma joined in on a game.

We played a game of 500 
Actually we played several games.

The rules: one person throws and yells out a number and if you catch it you get those points. When a person gets to 500 they win and they take a turn throwing.

The Grandparents hid the kids gifts, requiring a little effort on their part before opening. I like this idea as it makes the gift giving time go a little longer and keeps the anticipation up for the kids.

Benjamin loved his spider webs.
Decorating for Christmas
Many many blessings, and a lot to be thankful for. 

intn from outypants on Vimeo.


harveyr said...

So jealous of all that green grass for running around on!

Glad you managed to find Christmas crackers too!

Marjolein said...

It is so much fun to read this blog, your Thanksgiving looks the best! Wishing you Happy Holidays!