Friday, February 15, 2013

Xin Nian Kuai Le- Chinese New Year Post

If a cold Chinese New Year is good luck, then we should be all set for 2013. Last year we were told that Michigan hardly got any snow and winter was very mild.  Our first winter in three years has greeted us with a lot of snow and the colder temps to go with it.

Even though there were no obvious displays in our city that Lunar New Year was approaching, we knew the date was in February and anticipated it.
 Our homeschool group has several girls between the ages of 7-9. We decided to have meetings once a month for moms and daughters.  I offered to host a Chinese New Year party.
 Thanks to Renee for sending me some CNY kitsch, goodies from Hong Kong to help the event be more festive.

The traditional craft of making a lantern from red packets. 

One of the moms brought these cookies in and wrote fortunes to go with them. Mine said "you are blessed"

This was a bingo game.  Some of the squares were Star Ferry,
Ni Hao, Long lines, Jo san 
and the color red.
I wanted a way to talk about our impressions and experiences in China overall and not only in regards to Chinese New Year .  The game allowed me to share some information as I would call out what was on a square, I felt this was more interactive and less boring than just talking.

Durian is a very strong smelling fruit , it is banned from some public buildings in Asia.  I compare the smell to sweaty socks, very pungent.  Some people really like it and durian flavored ice cream and other treats are not uncommon.

Would you eat this?
Choices: Shrimp Flavored potato fries
Snack Seaweed
Durian Flavored candy
cream filled cookies,
(the cookies were the  kind we would see at 7-11 all the time, I think they are Japanese)
 I had a taste testing survey.
You could rate what you ate as:
No Way! Only if I was Starving and I like it.

We did have some positive feedback on the seaweed, a family that eats sushi said they thought it was good.
The cookies, not surprisingly did get the most votes for I like it.

We recently visited an Asian market about 5 minutes from our house. They have real durian, but I didn't purchase it for two reasons. One, I was worried the smell would linger in the church until Sunday. Two, the already cut up package cost about $5, for  4 small pieces.  I was sure no one would eat much of it and didn't want to waste it for the price.
Thanks to Oriental Trading Company, the girls were able to decorate paper fans.

Berea worked hard to find characters that would sound like her name.  I didn't help her on it so I don't know how close she came, but she did an excellent job writing the characters.

Jane with friends, Morgan and her baby sister Adelai

I really enjoyed hosting the event and getting an opportunity to share, my knowledge (as small as it is) about Chinese culture.
Kung Hey Fat Choy from the Sweeneys



Anonymous said...

Such a fun party! I'm glad you avoided the durian! Renee

Elaine said...

Its so nice to see that you have taken your experience and time in HK back home with you. You did a great job with the party!!!! Loved the post!!! What did you do for Valentines day??