Friday, March 8, 2013

The game and the Conquerors

Back in the summer the kids participated in the Wyoming library reading program.  They earned prizes and free stuff. This included free tickets to the Griffins.  The minor league hockey team is located here in Grand Rapids and plays at the Van Andel Arena.

We thought the passes were good only for the kids, but discovered all four of us were free. This meant extra money for snacks.
Even though many things were thrown into the crowd like hot dogs and t-shirts we didn't manage to catch anything.

The kids liked it when everyone did crazy dancing. Elliot seemed to have the most fun and was a very vocal spectator. Even when he got the teams confused, he wasn't shy to shout out his feelings about the way they were playing. We didn't let it get out of hand.  
Jane said it would have been more fun had we got on the big screen they feature during the game. She also wanted to be closer to the rink, to get a better chance of catching free stuff.   
 The Sunday game we attended was sponsored by a local Christian radio station. The half-time program featured the strength team called The Conquerors.
This group of men and women perform feats of strength such as: tearing phone books, bending bars with their teeth, bending frying pans etc..  They use these tactics to entertain and then give personal testimonies about how they gave their lives to Jesus.
Elliot enjoying the chance to arm wrestle.

ice and snow from outypants on Vimeo.

The Conquerors Promo from The Conquerors on Vimeo.

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