Tuesday, March 26, 2013


According to the calendar, Spring arrived on March 21st, now we just need the weather to look at a calendar and realize it is time to let the sunshine and stop the snow from falling. 
The good news, thanks to a wetter snow the kids were able to make their first snowmen.

The Titanic Exhibit is currently going on at the Grand Rapids Museum.

Photos aren't allowed inside the actual exhibit. Here is Jane next to a painting of the "unsinkable" ship. The captain was asked to come out of retirement and make this one last trip for the maiden voyage.  He was to be done sailing after they arrived to their destination.
We were given boarding passes of real passengers. When you come to the end there is a list of names and you can see if your person survived.
My name was Sarah Elizabeth I was in second class and I didn't survive. Jane was a 16 year old girl in first class who did survive.   First class ticket cost anywhere from $57,000-100,000 (in today's currency) and third class $900. The tragic of the Titanic prompted changes in laws and regulations that has saved lives on the Atlantic for a hundred years.

riding the carousel

When we now walk into the conservatory and see the banana plants, bamboo and feel the warm, humid air, it reminds us of Hong Kong. 
Desperately trying to get a butterfly to land on him. 

Outside of the conservatory we are are quickly reminded we don't live in the tropics.
Snowball fight outside the cabin

 The Kids at the Gardens in 2007
Look at those chubby faces! I hope the gardens will be a fond memory to the kids when they are older and look back on their childhood. 

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Michelle Roman said...

Love the flashback photos! Glad ya'll had the chance to see Titanic too!!