Sunday, April 14, 2013

Cabin Fever

Elliot turned 8 years old on March 25th. He is our comic relief and  he melts my heart with that smile. 
A rare photo, he usually turns down the chance to play the board game LIFE. 

Aunt Carissa and Jane at Tarry Hall. 

The kids love accessories. Elliot sporting his thrift store "bike" sunglasses. Jane loves her pearls, a gift from Nathan's co-workers in Suzhou.  She has her own style.

Toy expo that took place at the Homeschool building. These people were getting ready to be judged for the costume contest.
We won a door prize to spend $10 at the show.
Jane picked a lego mini figure
Elliot a bag of Teenage Mutant ninja turtles
I bought a Charlie Brown glass.

We all wondered if the Burlingame Dairy Dip's sign, advertising it opened on April 1st was indeed an April fools joke.
The kids begged for us to take them. It was windy and 30 degrees, where was I when Nathan took this picture? In the van with the heat on.  He tried to get them to have the ice cream in cups so they could take them to go. They insisted on cones and had to stand outside to finish them. Lips turning blue and shivering the entire time.  Jane wearing her capri pants, she has been camera shy lately.  Her in capri's is better than shorts, she has been trying to wear her summer wardrobe. The other day I had to tell her she couldn't wear  flip flops, it was snowing outside! 
Jane makes lunch for Elliot. 

A friend from American Heritage Girls had an American Girl party ( how many times can I say American Girl?) In spite of the winter storm that made roads snowy and slow, several of these American girls showed up.
The girls were given invitations of a character from Kit Kittredge's time period the 1930's. Jane was Sterling a 10 year old boy.
I thought a newspaper boy was a good look, although I am unsure it fit the time period. The suspenders I found earlier in the day at the Mission thrift. The tie was Elliot's Christmas H&M clip-on.
Winter Jam, a Christian concert tour came to the Van Andel Arena in Grand Rapids. Jane was hoping to see Toby Mac and Jamie Grace.  We knew it was a long-shot but we got in line an hour before show time. People had been camping out since the night before. The Winter Jam tour sells tickets at the door and not in advance.

It was here that they told us that the arena which seats 10,000  sold out.  I was told by several people that years past it was easy to get a seat. A friend of mine's daughter made a comment "maybe more people had become Christians since then" I thought that was a lovely way to look at it.

Some of the artist felt bad for those who waited in the cold and didn't get in, so they came out and sang some songs before they went on the big stage.
Matthew West sang an impromptu song, called the Winter Jam rejects.
Daddy-daughter event for AHG-bowling night.
Elliot and some of his birthday gifts, Jane's gift was something she found at the kids consignment sale, a large assortment of "army men" some are cowboys, indians and I think there is even a football player.   He has been asking for something for his Playmobile and other little toys to play on. We found this castle at the thrift store. He has been having wars ever since. A good reminder you don't have to spend a lot of money on your kids for them to have purposeful and fun toys.
We have been keeping ourselves amused in these wet and dreary days of spring, some of us more than others. Elliot told dad he liked how he cut his hair, Jane who did have a J on the other side, told him it was ridiculous. In honor of Elliot's approval, dad wore the E in his hair for a day. I insisted on a hat when I was with him.

cars pancakes from outypants on Vimeo.


harveyr said...

Wow, Sarah...three mentions of thrift stores in one post! Can't wait to check them out with you!

Marjolein said...

Nice post and (very late) congrats to Elliot, I used to play LIFE with my brother so many times when we where eight! it was one of our favorite games!