Thursday, April 25, 2013

Nathan and the Elements

There are times when I wish I was more like my husband.  
What trait of his would I choose if I could? Maybe his hacky sack playing, generous nature, humility, his ability to communicate  concepts and ideas or his quick math skills? I should pick the latter two since I am the one who is teaching our children, but no, what I really envy about him is the fact he can be comfortable in all kinds of weather.  

It could be 100 degrees or below zero and he remains completely unaffected. The man wears only a fleece and t-shirt 9 months out of the year. 
 In Hong Kong when everyone scurried to the shade or
the aircon, (what they call it there) 
 he would climb Pat Sin Leng
How hot does it get in HK?
I checked the weather, today in Michigan it got up to a warm sunny 55, it was a mild 84 in HK 

Hiking with Craig Harvey
shortly before our return to the States.
This was Shane and Shanda's visit, which was actually November. Not the middle of summer, but it is still not a mild 65 degrees.
 In Hong Kong the humidity can reach 90%.
 If it was his only chance to go, he would hike it that hot.
The smile on Nathan's face once he realized that he and Elliot just happened to be standing the same way.
I include it because, I really like the picture and it has something to do with hiking.

Here comes the big difference between the two of us.  
Hot days and sweltering heat, I won't necessarily climb a mountain, but I like it warm and I try not to complain much. Cold cold weather, I still try not to complain but my teeth chatter while my mouth is closed.
Not many mountains to hike here in Michigan, so Nathan decides to climb a frozen waterfall.
This is his friend who went with him, but you get the idea of what it looks like
Michigan Ice Fest 
Getting ready to go up.

He also likes biking. How do you bike in the snow? With fat tires. 

He admitted it did get cold that night
and there was ice inside his tent.
He actually got cold, I guess he is human after all.

Please note it took him sleeping in a tent in February to say the words:

I was cold.

Once again the difference...

Cold March day 2008, walking outside around the zoo.
Wearing only a longsleeve shirt. 
Look at those little kids. 
Jane is almost as tall as me now, how did that happen?

This is me, inside a car, which had heat, wrapped head to toe. I was probably wearing four layers.
I am unsure of the month, knowing Michigan it was probably May.

I may never get use to the cold and for many years to come I  might continue to admire my husband's all weather excursions, from afar in a climate controlled place.
 In the meantime I will try to not take for granted the days when it is perfect and we can be out to together.
 Colorado Springs, 2009

lakeshore / ramona falls / munising from outypants on Vimeo.

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