Monday, September 9, 2013

A something in a summers day..

The summer is over and I am finally beginning to blog about it.   I try to not overuse the phrase "I'm busy" because I think most people around me can say that about their life.  
Having responsibilities on this planet is enough to call ones life busy.  This summer I felt I had the right to use that word and the lack of updated post are partial proof that I have indeed been busy.
 I have categorized it as a good busy. 
We weren't busy being sick all the time, having to be in the hospital or dealing with adversity, we were entertaining company and getting as much out of a Michigan summer as we could.  
That is a blessed busy and I won't complain about it.
Anticipating summer I got a new bike this year. After test riding a few of them I settled on a Trek. This ride was taken shortly after the historic flooding that had occurred in Grand Rapids this spring. You can see the how high the water was by the lines in the trees.
The biggest news for us this summer was our relocation to Zeeland.
1809 32nd was our first home, the place where our kids went from cribs to beds and diapers to tricycles. Even when we lived overseas we came home every summer to the same house.
Watch your footing on corn and beans.
 We now share the road with tractors and get a good smell of farm life in our new location. 
I am happy with our new house and our neighbors seem friendly.
I love the natural light.

Holland State Park 
Elliot chose this outfit he said he looked like a Little Rascal. 
 Sweeney Brother reunion.  

Daddy daughter bike ride.

 Jane was part of the Homeschool softball team. This volunteer run program, was perfect for us this summer. One day a week and cheap.  They were not strict on what you needed to wear either.  Jane forgot to put on her sneakers and played this game in her boots.  I was not happy about this, reminding her that running would be difficult. I was also thinking I would be looked at as the mom who let her daughter play in boots. Because that is what mom's do, we feel responsible every time our kid has a dirty face, mismatched socks, or forget their manners.  I felt better once I noticed a girl playing in flip-flops, what was her mom thinking? Ha..  
To Jane's credit every time she played she got a hit within three tries and got on base. Only once did she fail to get a run in.

The Arnold family had a reunion this summer too.

two swims from outypants on Vimeo.

faygo from outypants on Vimeo.

K bike ride from outypants on Vimeo.

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Elaine Yeoh said...

Looks like you are really settling and I love where you live - it looks really nice and spacious ... and green - and having your family come visit or reunite - priceless!!!