Thursday, June 27, 2013

Take me out to the ball game- first of the year..

Last year was summer baseball.  
The kids got to see two minor league teams and two Major League the Cincinnati Reds and the Texas Rangers, but not our favorite team the Tigers.
The Tigers had a game on Memorial Day this year. 

The season opens in April. In Michigan that means there is a chance of snow and freezing temperatures, so I usually don't care about going early in the season.   If I was offered free tickets behind home plate I might say yes.

But Memorial Day is almost June, usually the snow is melted and we have temperatures above 50 degrees.
Parking can cost up to $30. Nathan found this free place to park. It is Detroit, so I understand why people pay $$ for secure parking, but it was a day game we took our chances.

  I have no connections to Detroit, I never lived there, never had family on that side of the state and I rarely visited it as a kid. Yet my heart breaks for the condition of the city and I would like to see it be redeemed.  It is like rooting for the underdog to win. It has potential to be a better place, but poverty,corruption,greed have taken their toll, I pray the decent people who care about the city and who live there get a chance to run it, manage it and make it better. 

We showed up early for batting practice.  Always hoping to get a free ball.
 There are things about the world of professional sports that are frustrating. The kids were watching the Pirates practice not the Tigers.  A lot of baseball organizations don't open up their home batting practices. I am not sure the reason, maybe they don't want the stadium full of people before the game? Maybe they don't want too many distractions for the players?  Nathan said some teams allow you to watch the home practice if you PAY more.  The millions of dollars that flow through baseball and they still find ways to charge you more money.

The kids certificates, congratulating them on their first Tiger's game. It included a poster of Tori Hunter, a player we like.

My highlight was seeing the Tiger's Justin Verlander pitch.  Justin is one of the best pitchers in all the major league.  I was recently asked what is my favorite part about baseball and it is the pitching.  Throwing a ball at 90 MPH and having it do what you want isn't that easy, and I think it takes skill and strength of mind to be a good pitcher.  

Alas, it is Michigan and even May cannot guarantee warm weather. It was drizzly and below 60 degrees. we were in  the cheap seats which had the coverings and at least we didn't get wet.  Dad kept the kids warmer inside his jacket. 

Towards the end everyone was so cold they just wanted the game over. Thankfully the closing pitcher finished up and the Tigers won the game and we got to go home.

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