Monday, October 14, 2013

Fall Time

We attended Zeeland's  Pumpkin Fest

Jane was part of the parade with The Critter Barn, 10 year olds were able to hold the bunnies. Jane's bunny got scared during their chant, and scratched her but she was a trooper and held on tight and has the marks to prove it. Working with animals isn't always easy.
In front of the Howard Miller clock.

There were scarecrow displays that depicted different States.
"Duck Dynasty"  representing Louisana
 After the Pumpkin Fest we visited a local horse farm
Jane and Elliot helping the band.
Carnival games, free horse rides and pumpkin painting, and food were part of the festivities.
The farm was raising money. It rescues horses  and provides riding lessons and mentors to help kids with mental, emotional and developmental issues. 

We visited Robinettes Farm with one of our homeschool groups.
 It has been probably over 10 years since I was last there.  I think it was an activity with our young married group from church. I don't think Nathan and I qualify as young married anymore.

The kids polishing their newly picked Red Delicious.

"Apple Cake" made with crushed apples.
Cider is made from freshly squeezed apples, juice is boiled.

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