Monday, October 14, 2013

Artprize 2013

artprizeetc from outypants on Vimeo.
          Our second year of Artprize greeted us with warm weather and lots of new art to vote on. I easily voted on one out of three entries I saw last year, maybe it was the rookie in me, who got easily excited and impressed by what I see. I realized sometimes I would vote after I talked to the artist, as if they would know one way or another if I voted on them. I call it the guilt vote. Really though I never voted on something I didn't think was at least worth a mention.  Sometimes it is a good guess that an entry isn't going to win, but "hey its pretty neat and isn't something I could do" therefore it gets a vote. 
My Mother-n-law's favorite
made from license plates, a boat wheelbarrow and other odds and ends.
 This year I was much more critical and found myself  texting my vote a lot less.

The living statue. If you put some money in the jar he would come to life and play a song.
Flash Off
Flash On
Nathan and I even got a date day to explore more than we would with the kids.

This entry made the top 10. It is carved out of wood.
Homeschool outing with our friends the Clarks. It was nice going during the weekday, with less traffic.
Earth Giant. I overheard the artist is a college student who after entering went back to college out east and once his professors heard he made the top 25, told him to return to Michigan. He did end up making the top 10 list.

The Winner

I voted for this entry and hoped it would win. I am not sure how I managed it, but after seeing it twice I didn't get my own photo?  It is a four panel quilted image of The Sleeping Bear Dunes.
It took the artist one year to make.  Anne Loveless is a Michigan native.

This is us, summer 2012 at Sleeping Bear Dunes.

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