Thursday, October 10, 2013

Upper Peninsula and Canada

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We visited Pictured Rocks National Forest and made a trip to Canada, the kids first time.

 Bushplane Museum in Sault Saint Marie Canada

Sault Ste. Marie History Museum
Elliot taking a picture of his sister in dress up clothes, she didn't want her photo taken.
The kids liked using the stereograph, the original view finder.

 The Locks on American side

The Pickle Barrel House, originally built for a cartoonist. 

 Jane expressing her love of Grand Marais history

Au Sauble Light House
 We were visiting during the anniversary of the light house. 
They were offering free shuttles and a look inside.
 Keepers and their families would be sent books inside a box like this. They lived on small rations and lived very isolated lives. I can imagine how exciting it would be to get a shipment of books.
  I don't think I would have like being a keepers wife. There were strict rules on the color you could paint the walls and even a specific place you could fold your laundry. To supplement the food they would hunt bear, fish and grow fruit.  I always think how nice it would be for our kids to experience a life with less conveniences and a limited access to accumulating more.
It is easy to say no, when it isn't an option.  

 A windy day on Lake Superior

 The kids completed the Junior Ranger Book
Jane earned three last year during our travels and Elliot earned two, he opted out of the Mammoth Cave badge.
Pictured Rocks Badge

we are trolls from outypants on Vimeo.

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