Monday, October 7, 2013

The Windy Cty

We found one day in our busy schedule to do an overnight trip to Chicago.
Parking is very costly and even if you stay in a hotel they often charge a fee. Taking the advice of other people who regularly visit the Windy city we drove to Michigan City and took the train.
One neat observation Jane had was a street we passed along the way.
Tennessee Street.  She said that would be fun to have that address.  Tennessee Street, Michigan City, Indiana.  The name of three states in one address.

The Field Museum. I was excited to see the dinosaurs it was my first time seeing that many on such a scale. This is the famous "Sue" 
We were able to get into the museum for free, as part of the reciprocal program with the Grand Rapids Public Museum. This visit alone will make our membership worth it. 

The "bean" can you spot us?

It was a hot day and the fountain at Millenium Park was a busy oasis in the city.

We were disappointed to find the faces that are usually projected at the fountain were not working. The kids managed to enjoy it anyway.

Jane's impression of Chicago. It might have some fun things, but she decided she prefers the country, with open spaces, animals and even the country smells over the city.  
They were chanting and marching as they went along
The Tribune.

This was the main reason Jane came to Chicago.
Jane brought Caroline with her.
We wanted to get her hair done ($10) but we were short on time and had to leave. I told Jane we would try to go back. 
The Lego Store is where dad and Elliot spent most of their time.
Elliot was able to handcraft his mini figures.

We would like to go back and visit the art museum, Navy Pier, and return trips to Lego and American Girl. 
Jane looks like she is actually talking on her phone. The kids have phones that they use to take pictures and record themselves talking, they don't work for making phone calls.

Taking a taxi and riding a train reminded us of our life in Hong Kong. 

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