Friday, October 10, 2014

New Mexico, why don't we have a state called New Canada?

This restaurant would not hire me as their food photographer.  Everything on the plate had a distinct flavor and was terrific. We loved the New Mexican cuisine. I had chili rellenos twice, just happened that way. I need a reason to go back and try something new. This  stuffed, poblano pepper was smothered in some delicious sauce. I picked only the green sauce this time, the previous night I had the red and the green sauce - which I read in a book the locals ask for it by saying 'christmas.' We didn't eat inside a restaurant, I didn't hear anyone say that to verify.  I would have felt too dorky to ask that way.  When the travel channel decides to fund my next vacation and pay for my meal, and needs me to do the traditional touristy stuff, then I will say it.
 This night was my first time having a dish called hominy.  Maize kernels treated in lye or sometimes lime.  Can you eat something made with lye and not get sick?  Doesn't sound safe.
They were delicious, it was kind of like a less crunchy chick pea in texture. The ones I had here were creamy and slightly peppery.  

Nathan did all the driving on our trip and his hard work was paying off thanks to good weather.
While he was driving, I did some sleeping. I think I dozed off at least 15 minutes in each state. My mouth wide open as we drove along.  Cars make me sleepy.   The time change and the fact that I don't sleep well in hotels, also made me sleepy.  I needed the drives to catch me up and keep me going.  Nathan brought his 'Salsa' bike on the trip. He was very impressed with my packing skills that allowed room for it. Here is a sunrise picture of a sign near our hotel. Which was located on route 66. 

The Rio Grande

Our hotel and the bike. 

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