Friday, October 10, 2014

Petroglyph National Park

National Parks here we come! Once we crossed the New Mexico state line, Nathan's vacation began. It was amazing as we drove along the Texas panhandle into New Mexico, the scenery began to  dramatically change. Prairie grass and flat land turned into  Desert plants and mountains.  A new part of the country for me and very different from Michigan's green forest scenery. 

Petroglyph National Park.  The kids doing their research for the Junior Ranger program. We learned about the Senior Ranger program, and decided to participate.

Maybe it is how people feel when they see snow for the first time? I found the landscape fascinating. 

Designs carved into volcanic rocks. Some by Native Americans and some by Spanish settlers from 400 to 700 years ago.  Taking pictures of rocks with crude drawings on them, did make me feel like someone was playing a joke on me.

The rock is basalt.  I didn't know there were volcanoes in New Mexico. The "three sisters" are fissure volcanoes. I believe that means they erupt along a crack in the earth's crust and not a central vent.  I learned something on this trip.   

A drawing of a road runner?
 We actually saw a road runner in the parking lot. It is the State bird of New Mexico. It was exciting to us.
I was surprised to find it did not say "beep, beep."
Saturday morning cartoons in the 80's were never noted for their educational value.  Although today someone might try to sue Looney Tunes creators for their inaccurate depiction of the bird.  

Taking the pledge.  The adults didn't get the cool patches but we did get a pin.  

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