Friday, March 20, 2015

Five for Friday

For my cousin's kids birthdays they made this duct tape Olaf pinata.
In theory it is less dangerous because you hit it while it is stationary and not swinging around.
 I don't think the parents could have guessed that they had made an impenetrable fortress, a veritable stronghold that guarded the treasures inside.  You could say it was genius if the goal was to tire kids out by them playing a hundred rounds of beat the pinata.
Adult intervention was eventually needed and Olaf was cracked and  the kids received their goodies. 

I have been on a french/Paris kick lately that was started off by Julia Child's book " My time in France" She makes France sound like the best place on earth.
My time in France ( 1 and half days) as a young teenage girl: I got lost, people were rude, and I didn't even get a really good chance to taste the best of french cuisine. Yet I still found it a lot of fun and intriguing and would love to go back to. 
One of my favorite movie quotes. "Paris is always a good idea" Audrey Hepburn- Sabrina
This particular book had fun illustrations/insights as the author describes her first time in France and a subsequent trip with her husband. I read it while sitting at the library.  It made me want to learn French and explore the quaint country side. And like most things about France it made me hungry.
I read it during the first week the kids were enrolled in school. I read the whole book in one setting. I didn't even need to check it out. 

Roller skating was my main recreation as a young child.
  Our local rink has "homeschool" skate days due the large homeschooling community. The kids have picked it up and I am glad it something we can all do together.
 We were able to join this  homeschool skate day because the kids had a half day at school.  We don't want to lose our connection with our homeschool friends and enjoy the opportunities to hang out with them. 

Aunt Dee playing tabletop Foosball with Elliot.
Aunt Dee, recovering from chemo, came down with Uncle David to visit us. They took us out to San Chez in downtown Grand Rapids.  Tapas are always more fun when shared with others and we had a great time. 

Downtown Grand Haven hosted and event where store owners would put living statues in their store fronts.  

Our favorites -Addams Family, Popeye, Cruella De vil.. 

living dolls from outypants on Vimeo.

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