Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Throw Back Thursday

Throw Back Thursday

March 2009

A link to one of my very first blog post.

What I really liked about reading this old post, was the tidbits that my old mind would have never remembered. I am glad I started blogging once we relocated.
 I did not remember the instance of Elliot waking up at 4 in the morning and being frustrated that Jane wouldn't play the board game "Trouble" with him.  I find this amusing for the cute story it is and that it could be the same conversation today..

Also included in this TBT
 a video.
During our trip to Bangkok we left our GoPro camera in the taxi.  The camera has no view finder/no back screen to view photos. But two buttons and settings for photo or video. We also kept ours in its waterproof casing. Not a typical point and shoot, so knowing if it is on or even if it is taking a picture or photo might not be that easy to determine for a first time user.
 When we got our camera back (thankfully we kept the number of our taxi) We found this video the taxi driver ended up shooting.
 I don't speak Thai, which I am guessing is what is being spoken in this video.  It might be offensive or have bad language. If anyone can translate that would be great.  At one point you can hear him say in English. Who are you?

lost camera bangkok from outypants on Vimeo.

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