Wednesday, March 18, 2015

New Year Happenings

Xin Nian Kuai Le
Year of the Ram
Although I have been quiet in my blogging. the Sweeney family has been very active. The biggest change happened when we put the kids in school. 
This was during "Spirit Week" Jane is part of  the largest class in the school there are 29 6th graders. 
 Jane attended Tri-Unity for the four year old program in 2007. She is back row third from the right.
I was told her class has always been large, she has quite a few classmates from pre-school that still attend.
Elliot has 11 students in his 4th grade class.  Before he arrived there were only three boys.
Mandy, the one in the suspenders, has been my friend for 14 years.  The decision to enroll Elliot was helped by the fact he has known his teacher and her family his whole life.  Mandy said they had been praying for another boy to join the class. 
Reading month- Pajama day.. The kids read a picture book to their classmates. Elliot picked "Little Critter"

Our 2014 school year got off to a slow start and I felt we never really got into a good routine this year. Jane seemed bored and Elliot was frustrated. I was worried that their academics were suffering.
 I was impressed with the staff and the atmosphere of Tri-Unity and felt it was a door God was opening for us to enroll the kids.
Academically the kids are doing pretty well, which has brought me much relief. We can see where they need improvement but homeschooling hasn't been a complete flop in the academic department. 
 Elliot loves recess.
 Jane's teacher has nothing but praise for her.
Recently both kids got picked to recite special memorized speeches/verses in front of the school. 
Elliot and his recorder.  When he brought it home from music class he announced he was done with playing piano. I replied a recorder isn't a real instrument and piano lessons will continue.   I am glad he is being taught the recorder.  I do prefer to listen to him practice piano as it is much more forgiving on the ears when a wrong note is played. 

Elliot's binder for the first couple of months was this vintage trapper keeper. We found it a thrift store last year for .50c. 
 I guess it was too vintage, the plastic rings eventually broke. 
Other happenings.
Jane and dad spent a day on the slopes. 

Last year we had one of the snowiest winters ever recorded. This year we have had one of the coldest. The schools shut down one day because the temperature was -25. 
 I am hoping this doesn't mean next year we will have one of the coldest and snowiest winters ever. 

 Our American Heritage Girls troop, had a skate night at the Byron Fun Spot. 
  At the rink they have this fun photo opportunity.  
That is Nathan in that shot. I agree with that statement.  

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