Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Herman Miller Halloween

Our actual Reformation Day  A.K.A Halloween was spent in Stratford, Ontario. The kids weren't sure how they felt about being out of the country at that time. We did learn on our trip that our Canadian neighbors celebrate it too.
 We aren't big supporters of Halloween with the emphasis on witchcraft and demons. However,  I understand the appeal to want to dress up and get candy. 
For a majority of their lives our kids have celebrated it at a church. I don't know when the Harvest Party alternative came about in the modern church, but it is here. Some churches use it as a time to share the gospel message.
 I have never been excited about the thought of taking my kids door to door around Halloween. The sometimes scary decorations were enough to keep me away and usually in Michigan it is freezing outside. The joke is you have to wear your snowsuit over your costume.
 It wasn't until after the kids were born that I learned that it is the same day the Martin Luther delivered his 95 theses. Reformation Day is recognized in our community, which is the headquarters for the Christian Reformed church.  The only way I ever suggested to the kids to really celebrate it was by them dressing up as Martin Luther, they haven't gone for it yet..  

     As we were having discussions on less candy this year, Nathan brought up that his company- Herman Miller has a Halloween celebration for families. Nathan is a safety and code engineer. 
The timing of the work celebration was perfect. Various departments decorate their work stations and provide candy and treats for the kids.   
When we walked in, the kids eyes got big with all the candy just in dad's department. One station had a 3D printer making a skull, some displayed pumpkins that must have been part of an office contest.
The kids and I sat on all the chairs and sofas.
 Herman Miller has some well designed furniture that is quite comfortable. 

The employees can rent a quiet room out.  Elliot ( Indiana Jones) is demonstrating how to relax after having a stressful meeting.  

If I saw the chairs in the store, I don't think I would be drawn to the way they look. But once I sat on the famous
Eames lounge, I decided it was more comfortable than  my bed and would like it. Retail around $5500

 Probably one of the biggest candy hauls they have ever had.

It was a fun way for the kids to see where dad goes everyday. 

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