Thursday, January 14, 2016

Frakenmuth 2015

On our way to Canada we made a stop at "Little Bavaria" Frakenmuth, Michigan.  

Is it  possible to visit Frakenmuth and not go to Bronners? I'm not sure it is.  Bronners calls itself the largest Christmas Store in the world, and once inside you can believe it. The store in it's advertising writes Christmas like CHRISTmas, indicating they are honoring who Christmas is really about.  One thing I find fascinating is the pictures of all the famous people who have come to visit the store, celebrities, governors , President etc.
I noticed this time pictures of the "real" Maria Von Trapp, this was fitting since we were traveling to Canada for Nathan and Jane to see The Sound of Music performed live on stage in Stratford.

Pictures from the kids first visit to Frakenmuth in 2007

I was hoping to get a Nativity set, but I couldn't decide on what I wanted for the price. We for sure left with ornaments. Jane got a special  "Domino" ornament in honor of the baby turtle we kept this summer.  Elliot a popcorn ornament,  his favorite "food."
Two hours later we officially wore the kids out and headed to Port Huron. 

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