Friday, January 15, 2016

Oh Canada..

Stratford Ontario is home to the Shakespearean lovin' community that is built around the business of the theater.  Nathan took me there on our first official date, we then honeymooned there and went back and celebrated our first wedding anniversary. Nathan had the idea of taking Jane to see The Sound of Music.  
We decided that just dad and daughter would go to the play, but the whole family would make the trip across the border. 

The Festival Theater is the largest venue in the city. 

It was rainy and cold on the day of the play.  But Elliot and I kept ourselves busy and spent some time at the local library. 

Inside the theater.  

Elliot fitting into Canadian life by wearing his Red Wings Hockey sweatshirt.  Tim Hortons in Canada French and English on menu. 

During our visit we went to a thrift store and Jane found an Anne of Green Gables doll still in the box for $3. We scored some Kinder chocolate eggs.  The kids miss those treats from our time in  in Hong Kong and they don't sell them in the US.
Elliot got some hockey cards for a $1. 

 Although a majority of the Canadians we come across in Ontario are similar to us Michiganders, parts of the city
do feel European in the way it looks and you can pretend you are across the ocean. 
Mom and son hanging out at the park. 

In total it takes about  5 1/2 hours to get to Stratford. We broke the trip up by staying over night at Port Huron.  Jane and monkey ready for the ride.
We have talked about returning with the kids  maybe in milder weather so we can explore more of the city and be there for more events.  We would like to get to Toronto to watch a baseball game maybe we will do one big Canada trip this year. 

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